Kathleen (Kay) Hayes

Kathleen (Kay) Hayes

  • Year Inducted : 1997
  • Sport : Equestrian

About Inductee


Born in Washington, D.C., in 1958, Kay moved to Huntsville with her family in 1960. She began riding horses seriously at the age of 7 and was a student at Helen Mason Hills Huntsville Equitation School for four years. She won her first championship at the Vacations End Horse Show in Nashville in 1971 on a horse named Timberess. She graduated to a horse named Amen Corner and for the next three years, the two won championships in Alabama and Tennessee. In 1975, she became one of only 17 riders from Alabama to be awarded a B rating. In 1976, after graduating from Lee High, Kay and Amen Corner went on the road with the leading rider in the U.S., Rodney Jenkins of Orange, Va. After winning several championships on the East coast, Kay turned professional in 1977. From her Fairfax farm, she bought and sold horses and trained both horses and riders. In 1989, Kay retired from the horse show world and began working in sports marketing and promotions for the Minnesota North Stars, the Minnesota Twins, the NCAA Final Four and International Special Olympics. She now owns a feature film production company in Los Angeles.

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